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An Estate In Time - An Arizona Estate Sale Company

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An Estate In Time

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Selling an estate can be a difficult and emotional task for the family, home owner or the trustee. At An Estate In Time we help you get started, we offer a Free of Charge, No Obligation, Walk through consultation to assess your personal situation.


After determining your individual needs and requirements, we will recommend options on how to move forward.

Our team of professionals will:

  • study and research your items and reach out to our network of professionals who are often brought in to help prior to the sale.
  • Value is added to an estate when time is taken to properly evaluate valuables.
  • To prepare for the sale, your items are organized in an easy to navigate pattern and retail like experience.
  • Once the sale is staged properly, our photographer will move through the home and photograph all items for marketing purposes.
  • We usually take 200-400 pictures for marketing purposes.
  • Once the pictures are taken, we will price, bar-code, and tag all items so there is no confusion the day of the sale.
  • We will provide to you an itemized and detailed inventory of your belongings and the prices

An Estate In Time is the Complete Estate Sale Solutions

  • We do NOT pre-sell any of your items because we feel, “the best sells the rest”.
  • We research, sort, organize, and display the estate sale items in an attractive way for the buying public. We arrange the decor to encourage sales.
  • We inventory and BARCODE each individual item to be sold. The barcodes integrate with a state-of-the-art POS inventory system and barcode scanner. The barcode tags are then placed on the items for sale and rang up with the scanner at the register for fast and easy check out. This system ensures complete accountability for you and you will receive a detailed report itemizing the individual items sold during your sale.
  • We have significant knowledge of resale prices and fair market value. We utilize appraisers as necessary as well as every resource available to ensure appropriate pricing of your valuables and other items.
  • Very valuable items will be discussed in detail with you and a mutual determination of how to proceed will follow. This may include offering the item for sale at the estate sale, a specialty auction, or a regional or local auction.
  • We take professional pictures of individual items, advertise and market your estate sale at NO cost to you. We utilize,,, specialty sites, and email.
  • We utilize professionally made signs both within the sale to inform the public of the policies of the sale and on the roadways to attract traffic and passer-byes.
  • We accept Cash and Credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We will issue receipts for purchases and inventory all items sold and unsold.
  • We will handle clean-up after the sale. Items that remain unsold can be donated or kept, per your wishes. We do not keep your items following the sale.
  • Your payment will be sent priority mail and insured within 7 days of the end of the sale.
  • You will receive a full inventory and accounting of all items sold, unsold, and donated. A donation receipt will also be provided.
  • Your home will be swept clean and left neat and tidy.

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, we would love to hear from you.



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